Frequently asked questions

Are you a licenced plumber?

I am a licenced plumber and my plumbing licence number is 51243. My licenced classes can be verified with the Victorian Building Authority. For details please see the Victorian Building Authority website.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be made by Cash or Direct Deposit.
The account details for online banking direct deposit are:

Account name: Distinction Plumbing.
BSB: 013 - 355
Account Number: 4778 - 54492

Please quote the invoice number as a reference so that your payment can be entered in to the system as paid when your funds are honoured.
Note: this is a deposit account only.

What is your postal address?

Disitnction Plumbing's postal address is :

North Rd LPO
P.O. Box 8123
East Brighton, Victoria, 3187

What is your ABN ?

Distinction Plumbing's ABN is: 26 948 812 747

What are your business hours?

I offer standard business hours from 9.00 am until 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.
Arrangements can be made for after hours inspections.

What is your current hourly rate?

My current labour rate is $165.00 for the first hour of labour which includes GST and $110.00 per hour after the first hour which includes GST for jobs that take longer than 1 hour (during standard business hours only). Any material or other charges are additional and are not included in the labour charge.

What do your plumbing services cost?

I do charge a minimum of $165.00 (including GST) for labour with jobs that take less than 1 hour, materials are an additional charge. This does exclude blocked storm water / sewerage drains that require machining as they are charged at a fixed rate.

Drain blockage machine clearing starts from $280.00 for the first hour and $110.00 per additional hour after the first hour.

Basic drain camera inspections start from $350.00 for the first hour and $110.00 for each additional hour after the first hour. (Basic camera inspections means no sonde location or accurate distance counting.)

What are your payment terms?

I appreciate payment on completion, however, I can offer a 7 day invoice account from the invoice date to selected customers.

What happens if I don't pay my invoice?

If the invoice for the work carried out is not paid in full within 7 days from the invoice issue date, the account information is prepared for a debt collecting agency and a credit reporting agency.

If full payment is not received within 14 days from completion, the information is sent to the debt collecting agency and the property address is listed as an unpaid job. No further work will be provided to the listed property/owner/contact person regardless if payment is made after 14 days from completion and the relevant information will be forwarded to a credit reporting agency. This also applies to body corporate managements which are late with payment, no further work will be carried out for any other owner’s properties which are governed by the body corporate at the same street address.

If no payment is received within 21 days of completion, the debt collecting agency is given the instruction to pursue payment. No further work will be carried out for the owner/body corporate/any other owner at the same street address if governed by the body corporate or the property where unpaid work was carried out.

Not paying an invoice is theft and all legal avenues will be pursued for the outstanding unpaid invoice plus all other costs associated with obtaining full payment.

What are your warranty terms?

I offer a 6 year guarantee on workmanship only (14 day guarantee on machine cleared blockages and temporary set ups).
All materials and fixtures are guaranteed by their respective manufacturers.