My Services

Toilet and cistern repairs and replacements
  • Repairs to constantly running cisterns
  • Servicing cisterns
  • Tracking down leaks from toilets and flush pipes and repairing leaks
  • Loose or broken toilet seats
  • Cistern, pan and valve replacements.
Tap servicing and replacements
  • Constantly dripping taps repaired
  • Valve seat re-facing
  • Spindle servicing
  • Tracking down elusive tap leaks
  • Mixer tap replacements
  • Retro fitting isolation valves for mixer taps
  • Aerator replacements
  • Installing new tap sets and mixer taps.
Gas hot water unit replacements

Gas storage, instantaneous and continuous flow hot water units fitted and replaced. (I do not currently install or service electric, solar or heat pump hot water units).

Burst pipe repairs

I repair burst water pipes. If a burst pipe requires locating, I can arrange for a leak detection specialist to come out and locate the burst for an additional charge. (The additional charge is set by the specialist and not by Distinction Plumbing).

Water service renewals

I can run new water service pipes from an existing water meter all the way to each water fixture. This commonly occurs with older style homes that still use a galvanized iron pipe to provide the water service from the water meter. You can choose to have your service renewed in poly pipe or copper pipe or have a combination of the two pipe types. I will also advise you if a particular pipe style won't suit your situation.

Water service alterations

I can relocate existing water meters (within the water authorities specifications.) or add a new water service branch for a garden tap. Alter an existing water pipe location to make way for a new appliance or service or terminate a disused water branch or tap. I can carry out a pressure test on your water service and fit pressure reducing valves on services that require them.

Gas service leak repairs and alterations

I can track down and repair a gas leak on the consumer side of the gas meter, alter the pipe size of an existing gas fitting line to allow for additional gas appliances to be installed and run new gas pipe branches for additional gas appliances. I can also carry out pressure tests on an existing consumer gas line and replace worn gas cocks and type A appliance regulators.

Type A (domestic) gas appliance installations

I can install new gas cook tops, freestanding upright cookers, space heaters and hot water units. (I do not install gas pool heaters, this is a specialized area and you will need a Licensed Type B gasfitter for the job).

Carbon monoxide testing

I can carry out carbon monoxide tests for all type A gas appliances.

Guttering and down pipe replacements and alterations

I can replace existing guttering and down pipes which are starting to rust and leak. I can replace old galvanized iron guttering with colorbond or zincalume. In certain situations, I can install more down pipes or fit rain heads to try to alleviate over flowing gutters.

Roof leaks

I can track down and repair roof leaks on both metal and tile roofs. I can repair, alter or replace metal flashings and cappings.

Shower leaks

I can investigate water leakage issues from older style tile showers and bath shower combinations. I can advise on possible remedial action to take to rectify a leaking situation.

Metal roof replacements and penetrations

I can replace failing corrugated iron roofs or flat metal tray roofs. I can install pipe penetrations for vents and flue pipes. I can create flat metal tray cut outs on metal tray roofs for pipe and duct penetrations. I can replace existing metal soaker and apron flashings, barge and parapet cappings aswell as box gutters.

Drain repairs and alterations

I can dig up and renew old vitreous clay or earthenware storm water and sewer drains. I can cut in a new branch drain on an existing below ground consumer drain for a bathroom, kitchen or laundry renovation. I can dig up and replace damaged sections of a drain. I can set up new waste points from a suspended drain for a kitchen, bathroom or laundry alteration.

CCTV drain camera inspections

I can carry out a basic camera inspection of an existing storm water or sewer drain and identify issues such as dislocated sections, root ingress or foreign objects causing obstructions.

Machine clear blocked sewer and storm water drains

I use an electric eel style of sewer machine which is a machine that feeds metal spirals / springs with a cutting head attached through the drain pipe. As the cable rotates, the cutting head actually cuts through the blockage and allows the waste build up to discharge through the drain.